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3/31/2020 12:00:00 AM

Because of the materials Lafarge Holcim supplies, our business has been declared essential by the Department of Homeland Security, and many individual states, and we continue to operate and provide our valuable products and services across the country. In the state of Illinois, landscape services are permissible under the current Executive Order. This includes essential services for the following trades: landscape contractors (construction and maintenance), lawn care, and tree care. Our Lafarge Fox River Decorative Stone location will remain open during this time and continue to supply you with the best products in our industry.

Our people are our most valued resource. In response to COVID-19, Lafarge has implemented the following measures to reduce the risk of illness:

  • No person exhibiting flu-like symptoms may enter our facility.
  • No person having traveled outside the United States in the past 14 days may enter our facility.
  • Whenever possible, please communicate with your Lafarge contact over the phone, email or other remote means.

Please communicate orders to the yard prior to your arrival so we can have your order ready. If you pay COD, you can call in a credit card payment in to our office to avoid having to come inside. If you have a credit account, we will not require a signature on your ticket during this time (we will electronically note the name of the person who picked up on the ticket).

  • In-person customer office or job site visits by our staff are not currently available.
  • Lafarge employees are not allowed to shake hands or hug during this time.
  • When you are on site, you must follow all current COVID-19 requirements, and all other health and safety requirements, both posted and those verbally issued by our staff.

Whether or not your company chooses to work, please take steps to protect yourself and your employees from the spread of COVID-19. Please consult the CDC website for all official guidance on self-care and sanitation. For detailed practices, which relate to the construction industry, see the following:

These are for informational purposes only. Lafarge Holcim does not endorse any specific set of instructions other than those provided by the CDC.

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