At Lafarge Fox River Decorative Stone we offer outdoor lighting for residential and commercial properties. Our main supplier is Alliance Outdoor Lighting, who has a Lifetime Warranty on fixtures and a 5 year warranty on bulbs.

Area Lights

We offer several types of area lights to choose from, including stems with a shade that can be placed on your patio, in your garden, or freestanding anywhere else in your yard. We have the following products available, each with the specifications and features below.

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Up Lights

At Lafarge Fox River Decorative Stone we offer a variety of up lights for outdoor lighting, including bullet lights and flood lights.

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Down Lights

Down lights are great for security and illumination when entering your home at night; they attach to overhangs and point downward.

Down Lights »

Walkway Lights

Lafarge Fox River Stone supplies a variety of walkway lights for residential and commercial use, including in-ground well lights and step lights.

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Underwater Lights

If you have a pool or hot tub, underwater lights from Alliance are a great finishing touch that will allow you to enjoy your pool or spa more easily at night.

Underwater Lights »


In order to maintain and supply power to any outer lighting fixture, you need a transformer. Below are the options we have available.

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